IntelliFORM - Faster Reaction Times. 
Higher Yields. Safer Operation.

H&A Scientific’s IntelliFORM (Intelligent Fiber Optic Reaction Monitoring) is a fully automated benchtop chemical reaction monitoring system for real-time in-situ characterization of batch reactions and processes.

The IntelliFORM system consists of an integrated package that combines a four-station micro-scale reaction calorimeter, a four channel UV-Visible fiber-optic spectrophotometer, and data analysis software that applies sophisticated mathematical analysis to chemical engineering problems. IntelliFORM uses a technique called Self-Modeling Curve Resolution to model reactions without the use of chemically pure reactants, intermediates, or products. This means that more information can be obtained at a lower cost.

Chemists using IntelliFORM gain unprecedented insight during the development and optimization of batch processes including organic synthesis, crystallization studies, and fermentation reactions. Better understanding of batch processes will lead to:

  • Characterization of Reaction Trajectories
  • Detection of Process Upsets and Endpoints
  • Faster Reaction Times
  • Higher Yields
  • Higher Purity
  • Safer Operation
  • More Efficient Use of Starting Materials
  • Production of Less Hazardous Waste

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