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SIM. The software solution for
data import and export.

H&A Scientific’s Systems Interface Module (SIM) is designed to improve the exporting and importing of data in general and in Lab Work Requests (LWR) in particular. It allows for the exporting of information from and also importing of data into SLIM using a XML format.

SIM is a 32-bit dynamic link library (DLL) written in C# that functions independently of the SLIM client. It requires an additional set of stored procedures in SQL Server to be added to the SLIM server for accessing and updating results data.

SIM also provides several helper functions to aid laboratory supervisors or stability managers create import files. Besides offering additional information itself, SIM is also backed up by H&A Scientific’s industry-leading product support team. Assistance, custom programming, and consulting for SIM is available at an hourly rate, with discounts available for high-volume projects.

The Systems Interface Module provides functionality to:

  • Retrieve Lab Work Request (LWR) information from SLIM as well as update results information for tests on a LWR
  • Retrieve Product information from SLIM as well as create or update products
  • Use helper functions which will allow the user to query the system for all accessible labs, all LWR statuses, all change controls, all alternate specification county tags, and for all users
  • Mark LWRs as pulled, verified, or approved

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