"I have been a user of SLIM and SLIMStat at three different pharmaceutical companies.  However only at my current position that I was involved in the full implementation of the systems, SLIM, SLIM Report Generator and SLIMStat from H&A Scientific, Inc.  The implementation process started from vendor/software selection through validation.

Evaluation and selection of vendor/software: I evaluated several systems for a stability data base and statistical analysis.  H&A promptly responded to my call, provided a thorough demonstration and a comprehensive, very reasonable quote.  The package, including validation, fit with our needs and budget of a medium-size pharmaceutical company.

Project management: From the start a project manager was assigned to our project.  Communication was excellent; every step was well planned and thoroughly explained to us.  The required documents were sent to us on time; there was no surprise or unnecessary rush.

Validation: H&A suggested performing the IQ/OQ remotely, saving travel expenses.  The validation was seamless, detailed, complete and well documented. All was completed in a week!

Training and support: The training conducted on site was well organized with pre-defined agendas for different groups of users.  Time usage was efficient, covering a lot of materials.  H&A also assisted us in the configuration of the system, including the codes.  They supplied complete manuals and SOP templates for Users and Administrators.  Support continued even after full payment.

In summary, H&A customer service is exceptional, reflecting their genuine interest for our implementation success.  Their knowledge of ICH stability and software validation is evident in the design of the systems and their documents.  The systems, SLIM, Report Generator and SLIMStat, are complete for an ICH stability program, yet economical to fit a small budget.  I also feel the willingness of H&A leaders to cooperate with the industry for continuous improvements of the systems.  I experienced the most pleasant, efficient, high quality validation and implementation process!"


"SLIMStat was recommended to us when my company was looking for software to analyze stability data.  We were working on a very tight schedule to get the software in and validated.  Mitchell and Craig were very accommodating to our needs and scheduled the validation within two weeks of purchasing the software.  We purchased the on-site validation package which was well worth it.  The validation process went very well and was completed within a few days, with Mitchell and Craig answering any questions as they went through the validation.  Even after installation, they have been very helpful with any questions that have come up.  The SLIMStat software is very easy to use and provides great graphs of the stability data.    SLIMStat has been a great tool for us to better understand our stability data."


"It was a pleasure working with H & A Scientific team to implement the SLIM system at FibroGen. The H & A staff know what they are doing and responded to our questions and concerns in a timely manner.  They are honest and technical support has been great. The software provides an excellent tool for managing stability studies, COA and report creation, and shelf life prediction."  


“SLIM software helps me stay organized and compliant. It has an intuitive interface that makes it very user friendly. The tech support we receive from H&A Scientific is wonderful! I wish all software could be like SLIM!”