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PC/Chrom: The complete chromatography hardware/software workstation package.

H&A Scientific’s PC/Chrom is the complete chromatography workstation solution your company needs. In one simple package, it interfaces your company’s HPLC, GC, or CE detector with a personal computer or corporate network server. It includes all necessary software, which is FDA-regulations and GAMP guideline validated, and hardware, such as power supply and detector wiring.

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IntelliFORM. More chemical reaction monitoring information. Lower costs.

H&A Scientific’s IntelliFORM (Intelligent Fiber Optic Reaction Monitoring) is a fully automated benchtop chemical reaction monitoring system for real-time in-situ characterization of batch reactions and processes. Its Self-Modeling Curve Resolution process models reactions without using reactants, meaning that more information can be obtained at lower cost. 

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Opt-Diss. Streamlining the dissolution testing process.

H&A Scientific’s Opt-Diss Fiber Optic UV Dissolution Testing system is the latest advancement in dissolution testing. Taking analysis directly to the vessel where dissolution occurs, this simple, stable system eliminates the need for sample removal. 

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