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SLIM - More features. Less complexity. 
The SLIM Solution from H&A Scientific.

A laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) should make your job easier, not harder. Enter H&A Scientific’s SLIM (Stability Lab Information Manager). SLIM has the rich feature set required to meet the challenges today’s Lab Supervisors and Stability Managers face on a daily basis. SLIM’s fast, intuitive user interface and exceptional reliability provides simple, seamless operation, allowing it to manage your company’s drug stability program with optimal efficiency.

Operating under the principle that better software equals better science, H&A’s experienced chemists and scientists have spent over 20 years perfecting SLIM. Fine-tuned with extensive customer feedback and backed by world-class partner support, the SLIM Software Suite is the simple, yet powerful solution your company needs.

SLIM includes SLIMStat for statistical shelf life analysis and Report Generator, which simplifies presentation of final data for regulatory submission. SLIM’s off-the-shelf scalability allows it to remain affordable for businesses of all sizes, with installation, validation, training, and support provided by H&A Scientific. SLIMStat can also be purchased as a stand-alone application.

New Slim Features

  • Study Matrix Editor for intuitive study/protocol creation and matrix design
  • Automatic time point scheduling, sample pull management, and resource scheduling
  • Complete stability database with extensive formulation capabilities
  • Secure data entry, verification, and approval with easy-to-use Form or Spreadsheet modes
  • Workload calendar functions and e-mail notifications
  • Stability chamber inventory management from setup to discard
  • Batch Analysis, Batch Summary and Turnaround Times Reports
  • Multi-level attachments allow documents and links to be attached to associated data
  • Global Sample Templates allows the grouping of tests to be dragged-and-dropped in the Protocol Matrix Editor
  • Custom Views filtering to focus only on your work area
  • Configurable product and study inventory labels and bar codes
  • Sub-Study and Non-Pull Event capabilities
  • Alternate Test Specifications and Alert Limits, supports global marketing of drug products and tracking Out-of-Spec (OOS) results
  • Includes SLIMStat for statistical shelf life analysis and other valuable statistical calculations (see SLIMStat page for additional information)
  • Includes SLIM Report Generator (SRG) for seamless submission-ready reporting of your stability data (see SRG page for additional information)

Study Protocol Creation & Modification

  • Easy to use Matrix Editor for simple and flexible protocol set-up
  • Reduce study creation time with global grouping of like-testing, reusable templates and study copy-paste features
  • Capable of assigning multiple storage dates for different storage conditions for a single study
  • Automatic calculation of the number of units needed for each storage condition
  • Adhoc like-testing and study revision

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Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Protocol Template Selector



Data Entry, Review, & Approval

  • Lab Work Request (LWR) data entry that passes through entry, verification, and approval status
  • Alternate Specs, Alert Limits, email notifications, and electronic signatures
  • Selected tabular data may be saved to the clipboard for exporting into other applications, or data may be exported directly from SLIM into Microsoft© Word or Excel.
  • Import/Export data to a third party software with our Systems Interface Toolkit

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Calendar Functions & Reports

  • Generates weekly testing schedules, long-term forecasts
    and late lists
  • Easily create product-specific or test-specific schedules
  • Supports multi-laboratory scheduling of tests
  • Workload calendar allows users to view and adjust the upcoming work schedule
  • Pull Calendars that allow one-click grouping of upcoming work
  • Out-of-the-box systems reports include Stability Study Framework Report, Detailed Study Results Report, Inventory Report, and Out-of-Spec (OOS) Result Report, just to name a few

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Intuitive Browser Interface

SLIM is a fully validated software system designed to be compliant with FDA guidelines for software development and validation .  It includes functionality for electronic records, audit trails, and electronic signatures rules of 21 CFR Part 11 as they relate to “closed” systems.

SLIM also features a GAMP 5 Risk-based validation methodology that allows for a streamlined-yet-comprehensive, ready-to-execute IQ/OQ validation package – no need for complex testing of endless configurations.

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System Requirements

SLIM is a client/server application designed to utilize either an Oracle or Microsoft© SQL Server database. Operating on Windows environments such as Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, Server 2008, or Server 2012, the SLIM software suite can be implemented on a standalone PC, local area network (LAN), or across the world using Terminal Server, Citrix, or the Cloud.


Speed. Stability. Accuracy. Productivity. These features are key in any modern stability laboratory information management system (LIMS). SLIM has them all — and more ... 

H&A Scientific’s SLIM. By stability professionals. For stability professionals.